Why Sing?

Why Sing?

As a pastor I am always amazed and grateful to hear those gifted with the ability to sing, as they sing to the glory of God. There have been times in worship that I am sure, if that song had not been sung at that time, we all would have missed out that day. Singing is special to the one who can sing and to those who can hear the song when it glorifies God. Peter writes something profound in 1 Peter 4:10. Peter says, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” He is now speaking to the follower of Christ. He is saying you have been given something and you should use it. It is not to be hidden or set aside.

First, I cannot sing so I am unable to fully grasp the instrument of those cords. The person that can bless others with the encouragement of song is truly special. Secondly, God never gives us any ability just for us to have the ability for selfish gain. Lastly, it reminds me of the birds that sing and do not have to be prompted to do so. They glorify their Maker daily because they never cease to sing for Him. If you can sing, you have been given a tremendous gift and a gift is to be used for God’s good purposes. So many today have the gift of singing but no one ever hears them sing. A bird does not have to be prompted to sing, they just go right on singing before and after the storms have come.

There have been so many wonderful hymns written over the last few centuries that have come to be through circumstances in which God showed the writer His faithfulness and wonder. By the way on a side note, God is still writing songs! As I have sat and awaited that place in worship each Sunday when I stand and share the message of God, often my soul has been lifted by a willing servant of Christ singing. One Sunday my daughters surprised me with the wonderful gospel song, “Somebody’s praying.” This brought to my mind and heart the at times weary road of faith we travel in this life. The song reminds us that God uses others to pray for us when we lack the strength spiritually to do so. That day it was not only me that God led them to sing that song to but for others in our congregation. Many were moved and reminded as well of the great love and care of God. I pray you are using your gift or gifts for the Lord Jesus Christ.

In His grip,
Darrell Moser

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