Christmas Voice Recital 2023

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Christmas Voice Recital Info

Sunday, December 10th:

  • All students arrive at 3:30
  • Doors open at 3:30 for general seating
  • Showtime is 4:00
  • All students must wear something Christmas-y, and are encouraged to wear stage makeup (though not required)
  • Foundation on the face and neck for BOTH the girls and the boys.
  • Blush. (Again, for both the boys and girls. It doesn’t have to be heavy, just enough to add color to the face)
  • Mascara. (Girls and boys)
  • Boys: A tinted lip balm
  • Girls: Any lipstick or lip balm 
  • Eyeliner for the girls.  

Christmas Voice Recital Seat Reservations

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