The Rose Bush

The Rose Bush

The Rose Bush
By Diane Faison-McKinzie

Having moved into my new home, I walked the unfamiliar yard and came across a very old rose bush. It looked pretty sad, and parts of its branches were nearing death. I could tell it had lived a long life and was struggling for breath. As I became familiar with my new place, I began making new decisions concerning what paths I need to take now, including what to do with the old rose bush.

In my usual morning prayers talking to God, I asked, “What do I do now at my age? I have to start all over again in a brand new phase. My husband is dead, my children are grown with lives of their own, my grandchildren are grown, I have no siblings, no aunts, no uncles, and no cousins.” I felt impressed upon in my prayers, “I have friends, and my family loves me.” Though sometimes that felt hard for me to see, I trusted God would bring a sign to me.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I got my “sign.” That “old” rose bush blossomed with the most beautiful and sweet smelling roses. I felt renewed looking at it’s glorious blooms filling my heart’s empty rooms. I cut a few of the bright red roses and put them in a vase and put roses in my bedroom. Each night at bedtime, I glanced at the roses, which made me smile.

“I’m that old bush,” I thought. God was showing me, even at my advanced years, I could start new with beautiful “blooming” contributions in my life at this stage! Starting a new life can be frightening and hard. As you begin to walk through the door of your new life, and engage in taking time to talk to God, He will give you signs and messages as to which way to go. The causes of change come from many sources. Leaving home for the first time out into the world as a young person; an illness at any time in your life; a move from one residence to another; or a death in the family.

I found myself starting life again at this seasoned time of my seventies. My change came with the dark and heavy load of sadness from the loss of my husband. But even with that, God has shown me how out of my sadness; if I will pause to stop, listen, and pray, He will bring beauty back into my everyday life. So I encourage us all to listen for His messages to us!

Here is another message the Lord wants us to hear: sometimes what seems like a dead end is really just a “Bend in the Road.” Please enjoy a reading of the poem by this title in the video below:

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