The Impact of Student Sponsorship

The Impact of Student Sponsorship

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:12

For a couple of years, I have wanted my daughters to be a part of Alamance Fine Arts Academy (previously Arts Alive), but we could not fit it into our very tight budget. When I was told about the scholarship program, it gave me hope that it could become a real possibility. I did not tell my daughters that I had applied for the scholarships at first, but as it became more of a reality, I was able to tell them and they were so excited. When I told them we had been approved for a scholarship for each of them, they started running around the room cheering, jumping, and clapping. Ever since the dance year started, they have not missed a class.

I am so grateful for the families who are willing to make special financial donations so more children can have a chance to benefit and participate in this type of ministry. My girls have grown to love each of the dancers on the Rejoice! Dance Team, and the teachers, and it’s very exciting to see the looks on their faces when they get to dance with them. These teachers clearly love the children in their classes. It means the world to me when my girls come home and talk about the Scriptures they learned in class, and they perform the dance moves and stretches that these young women teach them. It is not only an opportunity for them to exercise their physical abilities, but more importantly, it gives them a chance to exercise their spiritual growth and faith.

I am so grateful for this ministry not only for the fun dancing, but also for the new friendships, personal prayer support, biblical teaching, character development, and physical exercise. I am also very grateful to the families and individuals that are willing to make personal sacrifices financially and donate to this ministry so that we can be a part of it.

– Lindsay McKinney

Our hearts long to be able to grant a scholarship to each student who applies for one, but that is not possible without the generosity of others. By sponsoring a student at AFAA, whether directly or anonymously, you are demonstrating how to look out for the interests of others in a very tangible way. We invite you to join us by helping more students have access to dance instruction in a Christ-centered environment.

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