Visual Art

Since the beginning of time, God instilled in humans a desire to communicate through drawings and symbols. Not only were they used for language, but also to express feelings and emotions. In our Visual Art classes, the students will learn to express themselves through worship using various mediums, and create pieces that ultimately express the awesomeness of God they see surrounding them every day.

Doodle Bugs (ages 3-6): These classes are specifically designed for our littlest budding artists! We will practice fine motor skills through cutting (using safety scissors!), pasting, and tracing, etc.; learn shapes, colors, and color-blending; and create seasonal and holiday projects utilizing those skills.

Arts & Crafts (ages 7-9): Our middle elementary students will begin with an introduction to the Elements of Art, and create a series of fun projects based on those elements. Pieces will cover a variety of themes, including seasonal and holiday arts and crafts.

Visual Art I & II (ages 10-18): We will begin with a quick review of the Art Elements and then dive into more specific art technique. We will study several famous artists and discuss and replicate technique we observe in their pieces. Throughout the year we will utilize a variety of media and focus on seasonal and holiday-themed projects.