Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance

Enrollment is open all year!

Of all the styles of paired dancing, Ballroom Dancing clinches the top of the list when it comes to dances that stand the test of time. Graceful and gorgeous, keeping you fit while you have fun, the dances that make up this genre call you to be in tune with your partner as you seamlessly blend the movements with not only the music, but with each-other as well.

Ballroom Dance Beginner 1 and 2: Ideal for the first time dancer, or those who wish to revisit basic skills of ballroom dance. These classes cover the fundamentals of partnering skills, floor craft, and basic ballroom patterns in various dances. Beginner 1 will demonstrate patterns in Foxtrot, East Coast Swing, Rumba, Waltz, and Cha-cha. Beginner 2 will introduce the Tango, Night Club 2-Step, Samba, Bolero, and Quickstep.

Ballroom Dance Intermediate 1 and 2: Designed for the dancer who has acquired a basic knowledge of ballroom dance and has shown proficiency in basic patterns and skills, this level covers a continuing work on dance technique including posture, position, and frame in addition to more developed dance patterns from previously learned dances.  Intermediate 1 continues the same five dance patterns learned in Beginner 1 and can be taken immediately following Beginner 1, or taken simultaneously with Beginner 2.  Likewise, Intermediate 2 takes up a more deliberate study of the five dances learned in Beginner 2.

Each proficiency level is comprised of 24 lessons, spanning 6 months (one 60-minute lesson per week). For example: If a couple enrolls in Beginner 1, and attends 6 months of classes (24 lessons), they will have completed the Beginner 1 proficiency level and may advance into Intermediate 1.

Because ballroom dance focuses on partnership development and is danced only as a couple, our lessons are tailored for pairs only. Therefore when you register, you must enroll with a partner. All age groups are welcome beginning at 14 years of age. Note: the class fee ($70/month) is per couple; not per person. There is no registration fee for Ballroom.

While still shots are permitted, videography during Social Ballroom classes is prohibited.

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Ballroom Liability Waiver (included in Registration Form)

Ballroom Dance is offered under the leadership of Alamance Fine Arts Academy (AFAA) and therefore shares the vision of the studio and adheres to its Core Values. Please see Class Description page on our website for details on our styles and levels currently offered.  

  1. Ballroom Dance is a partnering class, therefore singles are encouraged to find a partner to sign up with them prior to enrollment in the class. Private lessons for Ballroom Dance are not offered by AFAA. 
  2. All Studio policies and procedures apply to Ballroom Dance.
  3. Ballroom styles taught and skill levels offered are set by the instructors, and are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the instructors and/or the studio leadership.
  4. Placement in the various class levels will be determined through discussion between the instructors and students; however the instructors have the final say on placement.
  5. Ballroom Dance class instructors were trained in, and therefore teach according to, the traditional “male-lead” and “female-follow” form of Ballroom.  Verbiage used in class to refer to the lead partner may be presented in the form of “gentlemen,” “men,” or other grammatically masculine nouns, and in such instances is synonymous with lead partner.  Verbiage used in class to refer to the following partner may be presented in the form of “ladies,” “women,” or other grammatically feminine forms and in such instances is synonymous with following partner.
  6. Instructors have sole discretion to provide help and instruction to individuals and/or partnering couples during the class time if they feel such help and instruction to be beneficial.  Help and instruction in such instances will often not be equally distributed as the speed at which partnering couples pick up new skills will vary from dance to dance and class to class.  No bias or deference either in a positive or negative way toward any partnering couple should be assumed in such cases of help or instruction.
  7. Open Studio times will be offered from time to time at the sole discretion of the instructors and/or studio. These Open Studio times are for practice for partnering couples enrolled in Ballroom Dance classes.
  8. All arrangements for private instruction for Ballroom Dance is at the sole discretion of the instructors on a personal basis.
  9. Opportunities to attend local social ballroom dances will be presented from time to time and are not mandatory.