Acro is short for “acrobatics,” and it uses strength and flexibility to perform gymnastic-based tricks. At AFAA, our goal is to train our dancers so that they may incorporate these skills into choreography in their dance classes, which is why students must enroll in either a Ballet or Jazz class as a co-requisite when enrolled in an Acro class.

Our Acro classes are taught by Ms. Laney Lee, who has been trained and is certified by Acrobatic Arts. The classes will focus on safety, flexibility, strength, beginning and finishing positions, and proper body, foot, and leg positions. Acro I will work towards will include splits, bridges, forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs and starting walkovers. Acro II & III will continue to fine-tune and build upon these skills as well as add more as each class demonstrates their readiness to do so.

To be sure the students possess the strength and flexibility needed to begin the skills, the first few months will focus heavily on conditioning exercises for flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination so that they will be able to safely move into learning the basic skills above the second half of the year.

In order to enroll in Acro I, II, or III, students must also be enrolled in either a Ballet or Jazz class, or have had completed 2 years of Jazz.

Dates for Tiny Tumblers 6-week sessions (ages 3-6):
Aug. 28th – Oct. 2nd
Oct. 9th – Nov. 13th
Jan. 8th – Feb. 12th
Feb. 19th – Mar. 26th
Apr. 2nd – May 14th (off one week for Easter, date TBA)