Night of Monologues & Improv 2023:
Classic Children’s Literature

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Theatre I Participant Info

All students must choose their monologue (length should be 1-2 minutes), message Miss Kat through the app with the title of the selection, and begin memorizing it by September 14th. Because we have so many students this year not everyone will be performing their monologue on the night of the event. The students will be auditioning their monologues on October 5th as part of our audition workshop class. Fifteen students will be selected by the following week to perform their monologues this year. All other students will spend their stage time demonstrating various improv exercises.

From September 14th to October 19th all classes are designed to help the students prepare for the “Night of Monologues & Improv.” Students must arrive at 4:00pm on October 21st for a dress rehearsal, followed by the performance at 7:00. Please send a packed dinner that cannot spill or stain. A link to reserve seats for the performance will be in the Week Ahead email beginning October 2nd.

All students will be wearing their mandatory all black outfits for this performance. (Info about this outfit is in the Dress code.) Only light makeup is required for this performance:

  • Foundation on the face and neck for BOTH the girls and the boys.
  • Blush. (Again, for both the boys and girls. It doesn’t have to be heavy, just enough to make them look alive again)
  • Mascara. (Girls and boys)
  • Boys: A tinted lip balm
  • Girls: Any lipstick or lip balm 
  • Eyeliner for the girls.  

If you have any questions please message Miss Kat in the AFAA app. 

NOMI Seat Reservations

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