Level ⅞ Jazz: “Get Up” by Mary Mary
Choreographer: Laney Lee
Dancers: Susie Bainbridge, Caitlyn Crabtree, Hannah Harris, Emory Morton, Story Johnson


Level 7 Tap: “Eye On It” by Toby Mac
Choreographer: Nicole Troxler
Dancers: Ellie Juengel, Judy Kindall, Lyla Mae Rhoads, Sarai Troxler


Student Piece: “Rocky Top” by Nashville Pickers
Choreographers/Dancers: Ella Grace Blackwood, Emma Lugo


Level 8 Modern: “Unworthy” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Choreographer: Elizabeth Sharpe
Dancers: Susie Bainbridge, Caitlyn Crabtree, Hannah Harris, Story Johnson, Jenna Russell


Student Piece: “Soul Awakening” by Cinematic Piano
Choreographer/Dancer: Andreea Pit
Inspired from the Classical Chinese dance called Water Sleeves, this dance will be ballet focused with some movements derived from the traditional dance.


Ballet Company: “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” by Tchaikovsky
Choreographer: Anna Ballard
Dancers: Lori Devere, Vada Hahn, Willow Halacheff, Rachel Harris, Ellie Juengel, Leiana Mason, Sarai Troxler


Rejoice! Dance Ministry: “Out Of The Deep” by John Rutter
Choreographer: Nicole Troxler. Dancers: Susie Bainbridge, Caitlyn Crabtree, Emma Edwards, Hannah Harris
“And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days, being tempted by the devil.” –Luke 4:1-2


Student Piece: “Why” by Elevation Worship
Singers/Performers: Story Johnson, Chris Juengel, Meredith Juengel, Alley Wells


Teacher Piece: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” by Mary Poppins Karaoke Soundtrack
Choreographer: Dana Culberson
Voice Instructor: Jessica Johnson.
Dancers: Caitlyn Crabtree, Lori Devere, Naomi Embry, Willow Halacheff, Sam Harris, Zoey Heafner, Ellie Juengel, Emory Morton, Kat Pernell, Andreea Pit, Taylor Vuncannon
Vocalists: Sam Harris & Naomi Embry


Student Piece: “Drop Everything” by Riley Clemmons
Choreographers/Dancers: Maura Auman, Story Johnson


Liturgical II: “In Jesus Name” by Katy Nichole
Choreographer: Laney Lee.
Dancers: Vada Hahn, Willow Halacheff, Rachel Harris, Leighton Juengel, Sally Lanier, Leiana Mason, Rebekah McKinney, Savannah McKinney, Ella Pennington, Zury Reyes, Emily Triolo, Emma Walker


Student Piece: “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake
Choreographer/Dancer: Susie Bainbridge


Student Piece: “In The Name Of Love” by Bebe Rhexa
Choreographers/Dancers: Vada Hahn, Sarai Troxler


Ballet Company: “Dance Of The Mirlitons” by Tchaikovsky
Choreographer: Nicole Troxler
Dancers: Maura Auman, Susie Bainbridge, Caitlyn Crabtree, Emma Edwards, Hannah Harris, Story Johnson, Anna Lanier, Britney Murillo, Julia Pennington, Andreea Pit


Level 7 Clogging: “Let It Roll” by Group 1 Crew
Choreographer: Laney Lee
Dancers: Ella Grace Blackwood, Sydney Crawford, Reagan Johnson, Emma Lugo

Director: Nicole Troxler
Lights & Sound: Geoff Gentry
Programs: Dana Culberson, Kari Fox, Chrissy Hahn
Photography: Beth Nixon, The Nixons Photography
Instructors: Nicole Troxler, Anna Ballard, Laney Lee, Dana Culberson, Elizabeth Sharpe & Jessica Johnson


“JoeBob” Theatre I Production
March 31st – April 2nd


Spring Dance Recital
Paramount Theater
May 19th – 20th


“Snow White” Ballet Production
Paramount Theater
May 20th – 21st


“The Fourth Wise Man” Theatre II Production
Paramount Theater
May 26th – 27th

Thank you to…

Antioch Community Church for hosting today.

…Jeremy & Nicole Troxler, for following the Lord’s leading in opening AFAA.

…the families of the students, for faithfully bringing them to class and rehearsals and supporting them.

…the instructors, for having a vision to share this art form with the students.

…the students, for making it fun to come to class (most) weeks.  🙂

…the audience members, for without you performing wouldn’t be any fun!

…and most of all Jesus Christ our Savior, for loving us and gifting us with these talents and opportunities.