Clogging at AFAA (Student submission)

Clogging at AFAA (Student submission)

I have been dancing at Alamance Fine Arts Academy since I was 8. But I commenced dancing when I was tiny at Candy Brooks Dance Studio. Initially, my class was an introduction to ballet, tap, and jazz when I was 4. It taught me a lot about dancing and needing to have the physical strength and good balance. In addition, it taught me how to follow instructions, which may be the most essential part of learning! I’m still dancing, although I am no longer doing ballet, tap, or jazz and mostly just clogging. Clogging is my passion, and I have been dancing in this genre for the longest.

Dance is a powerful form of communication without using words. Dancers use movements of their bodies to tell a story, sometimes to portray a character or to show emotions. It takes tremendous effort, physical stamina, and mental fortitude to be an excellent dancer! Foremost, to be superb at clogging, you must have proper training. Dancing has taught me how to take constructive criticism and improve, not just in dance but in everyday life. I have grown stronger physically, but equally important, I have also grown stronger mentally. AFAA has also helped me to grow spiritually since it is a Christian group.

Everyone should consider learning to dance because it’s a beautiful art, especially if you learn to do it rightfully. Furthermore, dance leads to the personal growth that we all need-like overcoming shyness. Equally, to be exceptional at clogging, one will need a few things: rhythm (cadence), proper footwork, strength training (strong core, legs, etc.), and the ability to follow instructions.

In conclusion, I will never stop clogging, even if that means I would have to stop everything else! Clogging has helped me to become a better person and dancer.

AFAA Student, Ella Grace Blackwood, age 15

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