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Please note: Enrollment is now closed for Theatre, Art, Voice, and Dance for the 21-22 studio year. Ballroom registration remains open.

Allow approximately 15 minutes to complete the registration process.
We have important information you need to know before you register.

Please read all instructions carefully.

Step One

Carefully Note these Registration Highlights


  • All costume and production fees are included in your monthly tuition.
  • Receive a 10% discount on tuition when you pay for your year in full! (Cash or Check only)
  • Sibling Discount: Siblings receive 10% each off of tuition.
  • Every student (except Ballroom) pays a one-time Registration fee: $30 for first student; $15 next student; $60 family max. This holds your place in class, and enables you to receive one AFAA t-shirt per student, and two complimentary tickets to one production of your choice per family; not per student.
  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, and is late after the 10th. A $15 late fee is applied after the 10th. Tuition reminders are sent in the Week Ahead email each month; we do not send invoices, and we do not do bank drafts. You are responsible to initiate payment each month by the 10th, September through May.
  • The “Week Ahead Email”: This will come out each Monday morning. Please commit to read this each Monday. All important studio info is communicated through email.
  • Vacation in May? We ask you to STAY! Please do not plan any family vacations for May, it is an intense and vital rehearsal time for productions, performances, and shows for ALL departments.
  • Don’t want your student’s image used online? Please note that on your studio waiver!
  • Questions? Email Chrissy Hahn, Office Manager, at office@alamancefinearts.com


  • Students MUST be proficient readers to enroll in Theatre.
  • Enrollment is open through mid-September, then opens again mid-December through mid-January.
  • Tech week (the week prior to productions): Attendance is MANDATORY to participate in productions.
  • Students will be asked to miss one day of school per production for school showings. Please ask Office Staff for those dates.
  • There will be at least one Saturday set-building day per show. Parents are encouraged to help!
  • Please read our Class Description for Theatre carefully. Students are taught all aspects of theatre, and therefore their role for a show may be a backstage role.
  • Drop Fee: If you drop a class after January 1st, there will be a $50 drop fee to cover costume & production fees.


  • The deadline to enroll in Dance is December 1st.
  • Read the Dress Code for you classes carefully.  Several classes require specific attire to be purchased.
  • Tech week (the week prior to productions): Attendance is MANDATORY to participate in productions.
  • Recital Costumes: Younger classes and all Ballet students will have purchased costumes that will become the student’s; older students will have rentals, which are costumes the studio owns and will retain.
  • Drop Fee: If you drop a class after January 1st, there will be a $50 drop fee to cover costume & production fees.
  • Private lessons are available based on instructor availability.


  • Enrollment is open all year; however the closer you enroll to May, the less pieces you will have in the Art Show.
  • All Art students are expected to participate in and attend the Art Show at the end of the studio year.
  • Please read our Class Description carefully, as we spend the first semester focusing on Art theory, and the second semester on technique and history. Therefore there will not be as many pieces generated in the fall as the spring.
  • Art II students will be asked to help paint sets for productions for other departments. Sometimes this will be during class, but occasionally it will be on a Saturday. We encourage all who are able to participate!
  • Students’ artwork will be displayed at all of our productions for Theatre, Dance, and Voice, and will culminate in an Art Show at the end of the year.


  • Enrollment is open all studio year, however late enrollment may effect your ability to participate in productions and recitals.
  • Voice lessons are private lessons, and therefore time slots may not be shared.
  • Lessons canceled by the instructor will be made up.  Lessons missed by the students will not be made up, but full tuition is still expected.

Step Two

Read these two pages on our website.

Step Three

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NOTE: Registration for DANCE (except Ballroom) CLOSES DECEMBER 1st.