The Cast

Joe Bob Worth Kaitlyn Hayes
Mary Bell Worth Leighton Juengel
Zeke Michelle Cummings
Jane Aikman Emma Walker
Bubba Sarai Troxler
Billy Ed Ellie Juengel
Tommy Earl Vada Hahn
Rev. Jenny Trivet Emma Blackwell
Hank/Aikman’s Assistant No.3 Caleb Smith
Slim/Aikman’s Assistant No.9 Reagan Kemp
Dr. Pilzer Dante Ross
Commercial Actress/Aikman’s Assistant No.6 Emmilyn Bost
Cameraman/Aikman’s Assistant No. 5 Kyler Ekwurtzel
Postman/Aikman’s Assistant No.7 Lori Devere
Fed-Tex Delivery Person/Aikman’s Assistant No.4 Myla Ekwurtzel
Telegram Delivery Person/Aikman’s Assistant No.2 Sequoia Ross
Aikman’s Assistant No. 1 Rebekah Radford
Kate/Aikman’s Assistant No.8 Laci Devere

Production Crew

Producer: Alamance Fine Arts Academy
Director: Kat Holmes
Director’s Assistant: Zach Hahn
Stage Manager: Zach Hahn
Costumes & Props: Kat Holmes, Zach Hahn
Makeup Artistry: Courtney Jones, Kat Holmes
Set Design & Construction: Luke & Lydia Harris
Tech Crew: Sidney Clay Moser, Ethan Oliver
Photography: Beth Nixon with The Nixons Photography
Programs: Kari Fox

Upcoming Events

Voice Recital
Triad Fellowship Church
May 12th

“Greater Love” Dance Recital
Paramount Theater
May 19th – 20th

“Snow White” Ballet Production
Paramount Theater
May 20th – 21st

“The Fourth Wise Man” Theatre Production
Paramount Theater
May 26th – 27th

Director’s Note

Given the fact that this is a retelling of the story of Job, it would make sense that, even though this play is a comedy, it would have a very strong emotional and moral core. There’s a great deal of serious dialogue about why suffering exists and how comfort can be found in the midst of horrible trials. This play beautifully and hilariously tackles issues such as the false teaching of prosperity church, trusting God even though you feel abandoned, the argument that God can’t scientifically exist, and many others. And these kids have very dutifully worked to understand and portray these themes beautifully to you as an audience. It’s been a great pleasure over the last three months to witness the excitement and camaraderie of these young ones. I’m hugely proud of all that they’ve accomplished.

Before I end this note I made a promise to tell you all some things. Kuyler Ekwurtzel, who plays our cameraman in the beginning of the show, actually made that camera himself. He has very proudly brought it to almost every rehearsal and I for one think it looks absolutely incredible. You may also notice a handmade newspaper in the Worth’s home. That was made by our very own Michelle Cummings who plays Zeke in the show. Please feel free to tell them that they did a great job on those props after today’s show.

Thank you so much for coming to see this show today.

-Kat Holmes

Thank you to…

…the students’ families for faithfully bringing them to rehearsals.

…you, the audience, for without you we could not have a show!

…our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has gifted these young folks with the talent to act!